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Wood Decks

Wood decks will never go out of style, their classic charm and many stain options bring warmth and beauty to the home. In addition to the beauty of an all wood deck they are very versatile in the grain, and stain options. Adding a simple wood deck to a home is an affordable way to create outdoor living space and add value to a home.

Pool Decks

Pool Decks

Available in both wood or composite, a deck is the perfect addition to both inground and above ground pools. Composite decking can bend the board around the shape of any pool, allowing the architectural elements to be highlighted. Extending the decking materials to cover the pool equipment allows for both a visual improvement as well as a safety element.

Low maintence Decks with descripton

Low Maintenance Decks

Composite decking is the ultimate key to low maintenance living in an outdoor space. We use AZEK Timbertech decking that comes in a variety of colors and styles for both the decking, as well as railing options that range from traditional white, black, and cable rails for enjoy the premier sightlines in southern Rhode Island. With our hidden cortex fastener system there are no visible screws on the deck surface. We are the Only platinum Timbertech/Azek contractor in RI. This allows us to give you a complete labor and materials warranty for the first 7 years of your project. You then have the balance of the materials warranty which is 50 for deck and 30 for rails.

Outdoor Add-Ons


Enjoy the outdoors all year long with additional living space. The large windows allow you to enjoy the natural sunlight and surround yourself with the outdoors, all while being sheltered from inclement weather and insects.  The extra living space is ideal for shelter from summer showers, a place to store your sandy chairs, and keep warm weather gear from drying out in the house. Extra sunlight all year long has both design benefits, as well as health benefits such as Vitamin D exposure. As with any room in your house, sunrooms exteriors match the rest of the house and can add a fun design element such as tongue and grove ceilings or wall details.


Separate from the house, gazebos offer a sheltered oasis anywhere in your yard. Perfect for enjoying outdoor weather while still being in a shaded area, without the fuss of an umbrella. They also add a beautiful element to any garden seating area. They can be made to match an existing structure on the property or stand out with a bold paint color or stain.


Enjoy the benefits of having an outdoor gathering area, built write into the ground with no steps or railing required. Outdoor dining, seating, and grills can easily be used on the flat surface of a patio without the maintenance and mess of grass. With various material and design options, patios are the most cost-effective way to enjoy the outdoors on the ground level. The most common patio materials are pavers, brick, or concrete.